Eleveting Outdoor Living

Eleveting Outdoor Living

The essence of elegance in Tidelli’s Shell and Obsession Collections

Meet Luciano Mandelli, a key partner at Tidelli Outdoor Living, where innovation meets outdoor design. His latest creation, the Shell Collection, draws inspiration from seashell motifs and the serene ambiance.

Mandelli’s journey is marked by a deep respect for materials and a commitment to sustain- ability. Reflecting on his transition, Mandelli shares, “I fell in love with Shell during the creation process. The choice of materials, the design, the handmade craftsmanship … All the details make it a collection that, without a doubt, is here to stay.”

Mandelli’s Shell Collection epitomizes this ethos of “art meets utility.” Crafted from aluminum, nautical rope, and sustainable Brazilian hardwood, each piece marries elegance with practicality. With high backs and wooden legs, the collection exudes sophistication, inviting relaxation in outdoor spaces.

Tidelli’s commitment to sustainability also shines through in the Shell Collection. From eco-friendly materials to community-focused manufacturing practices, every aspect reflects a dedication to leaving a positive impact.


Partnering with renowned South Korean artist Kwangho Lee, Tidelli explores new frontiers in design. Lee’s unique perspective on experimenting with materials and Tidelli’s commitment to high-quality outdoor living solutions resulted in the beautifully handwoven collection Obsession. The Obsession Collection, comprising three visually captivating pieces, showcases the beauty of handcrafted design, each meticulously woven with nautical rope and constructed from sustainable materials. The collection’s intriguing patterns highlight an exceptional level of detail and craftsmanship.


Mandelli’s Shell Collection and Lee’s Obsession Collection embody Tidelli’s ethos of simplicity, functionality, and sustainability. As you plan your outdoor spaces for the coming season, consider adding a touch of elegance and comfort with these collections. They are not just furniture; they are a testament to the artistry and passion of their creators, making your outdoor living experience truly exceptional.

Originally posted By Blue Door Magazine 

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